An interview with Lucia Lorenzi, a postdoctoral fellow and anti-violence activist

*Content warning: domestic abuse*
On November 23rd, two days before the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence begins (on November 25th), join Reel Causes for the Vancouver premiere of the NFB’s gripping documentary A Better Man. This inspiring and courageous film follows Attiya Khan as she reaches out to her former abuser. The film screening is in support of We Can BC and Battered Women’s Support Services. There will be a post-film Q&A with local activists working to end gender-based violence in the local community.

Lucia Lorenzi, a postdoctoral fellow, anti-violence activist and consultant will be the moderator during our post-film discussion. Other panelists include Angela Marie MacDougall, the executive director of Battered Women’s Support Services.

We asked Lucia how Vancouverites can work together towards healing.

This film is unlike anything we’ve seen before, bringing healing and insight for women – and men, as we watch Attiya’s courage in meeting her former abuser, as well his voluntary act of taking responsibility for the violence. How do you think Vancouverites – victims, abusers and allies – can work towards healing?

Lucia: A big part of working towards healing really involves thinking locally. We need to focus on the violence that comes from the ongoing consequences of colonialism on these stolen lands many of us call home; and to ensure that those who are the most vulnerable to violence in our community – Indigenous folks, Black folks, queer and trans folks, sex workers – have the support they need. That means acknowledging that Vancouver isn’t just a place where there are many survivors, but also many people who do harm – these are all people we know. We need resources for both those who experience violence as well as resources for those who wish to stop using violence against others. Right now, neither set of resources are particularly well-funded, and we need to ask ourselves how that can become a priority.

Learn more (and contribute to the discussion) on November 23rd. Buy your tickets here!

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