Google Approves Reel Causes

Google… it’s a noun, it’s a verb and now, it’s a fan of Reel Causes.

Google – one of the most recognized names in the world – offers non-profit organizations a helping hand to promote their efforts on the Internet.

Google asked Reel Causes to imagine what we could do with $10,000.00 (USD) of in-kind advertising every month? We thought we could recruit more volunteers…. Attract more donations…. Boost attendance at our events and share our story with a much wider audience.

This Grant works just like Google AdWords online advertising. Reel Causes can display our message to people who are searching for our unique combination of social, health and environmental causes and films that highlight these areas of concern. Reel Causes ads will shortly appear next to Google search results so more people will be aware of our events and efforts. That translates into more donations, more volunteers and more members — the lifeblood of Reel Causes.

We will carefully craft wording that encourages people to attend our events, make donations, join our organization or simply volunteer to help us spread the word. Our intent is to fully implement “best practices” in our Google ads, as we are 100{707270f93d4e79913c93e405818234de3d97bbf8a93a2a957154856abb85856e} committed to honest and clear advertising.

We also encourage all our members to make any suggestions they deem valid to help us use this incredible advertising tool. Membership in Reel Causes is more than just showing up at films; it’s about being part of a community that is speaking up about health, environment and social justice issues. These Google Ads will also let us talk about all the great causes we support at our events, like Seva Canada, Atira, Ecojustice and so many more.

Google AdWords is just one in a variety of new measures Reel Causes plans for the coming months that will increase and improve the community profile of our organization. That’s because we fully appreciate the power of film in generating emotional responses that can lead to change or mind, and change of policy, that makes this a better planet for all of us.

Be sure to check in frequently here at and discover news about our events, our partners and members.

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