Past Events

The Film: Gringos in the Garbage

Directed by Warren FitzGerald and Jess Rothenburger (IMDB) Film IMDB | Official Site

The Cause: Reel Causes and The Global Solidarity Group

Reel Causes Society pairs award winning, cutting edge independent films with community organizations and other non-profit, social justice organizations for events that engage, inspire and create positive change through cinema and dialogue. We begin 2017 with our annual general meeting and welcome new members to join us before the screening to learn more about our achievements in 2016, and our plans for the year ahead. Meet our newest board members and learn more about the organizations and the causes that we have supported over the years. Donations made at the AGM screening of Gringos in the Garbage will be donated to The Global Solidarity Group, the non-profit organization which was formed as a vehicle to direct money to the community (El Limonnal) featured in the film.

Following the AGM we’ll watch the film Gringos in the Garbage and have a post-film discussion with the Kamloops filmmaker, moderated by Tracey Friesen (Story Money Impact), and hear first-hand how he helped create change through the power of film.

The Film: Last Men Standing

Directed by Erin Brethauer and Tim Hussin (IMDB) Film IMDB | Official Site

The Cause: Positive Living Society of BC

The Positive Living Society of British Columbia was originally founded in 1986 to provide a forum for people living with HIV/AIDS to advocate for their rights and their health issues. Until March 2011, Positive Living BC was known as the BC Persons With AIDS Society (BCPWA) and throughout its mandate, it has existed to enable persons living with AIDS and HIV disease to empower themselves through mutual support and collective action.

Positive Living BC provides a comprehensive suite of programs and services, including: prison outreach, healing retreats, treatment counselling, help accessing financial, health-related and other types of assistance and more. With more than 5,700 HIV-positive members and a Board of Directors composed entirely of HIV-positive members (unique among major agencies in Canada), Positive Living BC and its members have a lot to say.

On World AIDS Day (December 1st), Positive Living BC and Reel Causes will screen Last Men Standing and afterwards have a discussion about the complexity of life after the epidemic, including participants featured in the film and local long term HIV and AIDS survivors.

The Film: Messages To Younger Selves, Victory Square, Regalia and other shorts.

Directed by Various Vancouver Artists (IMDB) Film IMDB | Official Site
Victory Square in the Westender

The Cause: Intersections Media Opportunities for Youth

Intersections Media Opportunities for Youth Society is a non-profit charitable organization founded by the late Bill Vince, an Oscar-nominated Vancouver filmmaker and advocate for youth at risk. Their program offers a digital media and life skills workshop and work experience opportunity to youth facing multiple barriers to employment. Through the unique and familiar medium of art and digital filmmaking as well as involvement in group-based projects, Intersections participants gain the experience and confidence for long-term attachment to the workforce. Bill’s life is our ongoing inspiration and our programming is his legacy. Bill believed in the potential of youth and the power of helping others help themselves. There are many ways in which you or your organization can become involved with helping Intersections, including equipment or funding donations, and work experience placements. For more information, please click the LINK.

heart-of-the-city-logo-medReel Causes is pleased to highlight Intersections Media and their work in association with the Heart of the city Festivalwhich runs from October 26 to November 6, 2016 and features over 100 events at over 40 venues throughout the Downtown Eastside. This year, to recognize the abundance of talent, wisdom and power of our home community, the theme of the festival is ‘Living on Shared Territory’. As we face the challenges and opportunities of the coming years, we are inspired by the neighbourhood’s indigenous stories and feel proud of the art forms, artists, values, heritage and exciting community-engaged art generated in Vancouver’s founding community.

The Film: Racing Extinction

Directed by Louie Psihoyos (IMDB) Film IMDB | Official Site

The Cause: Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society (CPAWS) – BC Chapter

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is Canada’s grassroots voice for wilderness. Since 1963 we’ve led in creating over two-thirds of Canada’s protected areas, which amounts to about half a million square kilometres – an area bigger than the entire Yukon Territory. Our vision is to keep at least half of Canada’s public land and water wild. The BC chapter was established in 1978 and has played a lead role in more than doubling the amount of protected areas in the province to over 14%.

CPAWS works collaboratively with governments, local communities, industry, and indigenous peoples to protect our country’s amazing natural places. Our goal is to create large, meaningful protected areas with ecological strength – places that can nurse nature through climate change and shelter biodiversity forever. Our achievements include protecting places such as Gwaii Haanas National Marine Conservation Area and Muskwa-Kechika Management Area. We are currently working to ensure the establishment of national parks in the South-Okanagan Similkameen and Flathead River Valley, as well as creation of a National Marine Conservation Area in the Southern Strait of Georgia, and protection of the marine wildlife and birds of the Scott Islands.

The Film: Siddharth and Betrayed

Directed by Richie Mehta (IMDB) Film IMDB | Official Site

The Cause: West Coast Domestic Workers Association

West Coast Domestic Workers’ Association (WCDWA) is a non-profit organization that provides pro bono full representation, assistance and community support to caregivers and other migrant workers, including survivors of labour trafficking in British Columbia. They are also actively involved in public legal education and law reform initiatives. This year marks their 30th anniversary!

In addition to assisting survivors of labour trafficking with their individual legal cases, WCDWA works to raise awareness of labour exploitation and trafficking among migrant worker communities. In 2015, WCDWA produced a short public service announcement (PSA) and is in the process of producing a documentary on labour trafficking as educational tools in partnership with the BC Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons. The organization has produced public legal education resources, engaged in research, and regularly conducts workshops on labour trafficking across BC. 


Photo by Tony Hoare

Photo by Tony Hoare

The Cause: Children of the Street Society

Children of the Street Society is a registered society and federal charity dedicated to ending all forms of child/youth sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Our mission is to take a proactive approach through public awareness, education and early intervention strategies to prevent the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of children and youth, while offering support to families. Last year alone, we reached over 27,000 children and youth through more than 600 prevention workshops. We are the only organization in BC providing both education on sexual exploitation on such a large scale and support to parents of youth affected by this issue.