Reel Causes partners with DOXA to present Manufacturing The Threat

Join Reel Causes at DOXA for the world premiere our partner film, Manufacturing The Threat, on May 5th at 7:45 PM at VIFF Centre.

In 2013, a young couple from Surrey were arrested as the alleged masterminds behind a plot to bomb the BC Legislature. Ana Korody and Omar Nuttall had recently converted to Islam when they were targeted by federal agents posing as radical jihadists—agent provocateurs who pressured the couple to avenge crimes against Muslims through acts of violence. Though they spent time in prison and were found guilty, courts eventually declared Ana and Omar to have been entrapped. Indeed, a lengthy and elaborate plan was revealed to have manipulated the couple, feeding them false information about Islam and deliberately encouraging them to commit acts of terrorism. Without this coercion and egregious conduct by authorities, the couple’s plot would never have taken shape.

Manufacturing The Threat documents the way enforcement agencies can actively create their own “threats,” and presents a compelling case that Ana and Omar were vulnerable individuals taken advantage of by an organization eager to justify its own existence and maintain its substantial funding. A fascinating, high-energy documentary thriller.

DOXA runs from May 4th to 14th.

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