Moving Day

June 7, 2022
6:15 PM
theDock: Centre for Social Impact | 300-722 Cormorant Street, Victoria

The community that came together. A day that could pull them apart.

With the rise of Covid-19, shelters closed, jobs were lost, and houselessness in Victoria, BC swelled. A community formed as an encampment in the city’s biggest park. As they learn of an ambitious plan to house everyone by March 31, 2021, uncertainty in the park, and in their lives mounts.

Moving Day tells the story of the people who were left outside – quite literally – during a global pandemic, the community that came together, and the day that could pull them apart.

Post-film discussion includes:
– Kendra Crighton and Meera Mathew, Filmmakers and Program Leads at The Existence Project
– Nanette Breker, BScN, RN, Clinical Nurse Lead at Ravensview
– Riah Hoechsmann, BScN, RN, MHSU, Island Health
– Terry Edison-Brown, Director at Anawim House
– Moderator: Parker Johnson, Program Manager at The Existence Project

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The Existence Project began on the assertion that personal narratives have the power to connect individuals across socioeconomic boundaries, and that the rich creative ability of our community is the most effective tool we can wield against the stigma that prevents necessary social change.

Starting in 2016 with homemade interviews of people living on the streets of Victoria, the project has evolved into creating accessible multi-media projects, capacity building initiatives for the unhoused, and intersectional community events that centre the voices of people with lived experience of homelessness, all with the broad goal of humanizing homelessness.

Everybody has a story, and we believe that story is the key towards building connection, dignity and belonging for everyone, no matter their race, background or socioeconomic status.

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Reel Causes partners with filmmakers and Canadian causes dedicated to addressing global social justice issues. We host film screenings followed by a Q&A session to educate and inspire our community, and provide a forum for authentic conversation around the issues that affect us locally.

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