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Promote the Vote is a non-partisan movement of everyday Canadians increasing voter engagement through dialogue with each other.
Founded in 2014, Promote the Vote began from two simple ideas: everyone knows someone who does not vote (voter turnout was only 61% in the last federal election) and everyone listens to people they know and trust. Traditional outreach campaigns try to speak directly to people who do not vote. Promote the Vote takes a different approach, asking people who already vote to go one step further and encourage their friends and family to be politically engaged too.
Promote the Vote’s vision is a culture of political engagement in Canada. Through workshops and online support, the group helps everyday Canadians become engagement leaders. With a focus on listening, understanding and respect as necessary components of true dialogue, Promote the Vote’s engagement leaders are transforming the way we talk about and think about politics in Canada.

Get Out The Vote October 14, 2015

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