Punches & Poetry, Legend of a Warrior and The Water Sound


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This program packs a punch, featuring the grand master of White Crane Kung Fu, Frank Lee, in LEGEND OF A WARRIOR. After decades of estrangement, the only way Corey can connect with father Frank is to join his world in the fight club. Writer, director and son Corey Lee trains at Frank’s martial arts studio in downtown Edmonton to prove he’s worthy of being this legend’s only son. The action-style animations give this feature documentary a superhero feel. And, the poetry of Matsuo Basho struck Nicholas Dobkin with its simplicity and poignancy, inspiring him to create this painterly animation short — THE WATER SOUND.



Director/Writer: Corey Lee
Producers: Bonnie Thompson, Susan Bristow, Corey Lee, Gerry Balasta, Nina Balasta
TRAILER | Narrative | HDCAM | Colour | 2012 | 78 min | Canada | English

Vancouver Premiere

Synopsis: Frank Lee doesn’t just practise martial arts: for his many students and fans, Frank Lee is martial arts—a high-kicking dynamo whose style of full contact fighting has hurtled him into the very stratosphere of the profession. Frank is happy to play the role he’s cultivated, but there is at least one person who would like to look beneath the superhero mask: his son, Corey. Frank’s status as a legendary street fighter and world-renowned coach has kept him at an emotional (and physical) distance from Corey; but now the younger Lee, in his forties and a father himself, would like to reconnect with his mighty dad. To do this, Corey must enter Frank’s world, a world where fighting rules.

Previous Screenings/Awards: Special Jury Award: San Francisco Int’l Asian American Film Festival; Official Selection: New York Int’l Asian American Film Festival, Los Angeles Asia Pacific Film Festival, Atlantic Film Festival


preceded by


Director/Animator: Nicholas Dobkin
Animation | Blu-Ray | Colour | 2012 | 7.5 min | USA | English

World Premiere
Director in Attendance

Synopsis: A poet sits at a loss for inspiration for his newest poem, meant to be on the theme of summer. He wanders into the hall in frustration, and thinks he’s found his poem in the sound of a passing bird, but it’s not so simple. Defeated, he slumps back, stops thinking and prepares to give in. As he sits in silence, the sounds of the water in the pond, the subtle blow of the wind and the leaping of a frog give him the impetus he needs to write one of the most famous haiku poems of all time — THE WATERSOUND.

Previous Screenings/Awards: Golden Kahuna Award 2010 Honolulu Int’l Film Festival; Ireland Int’l Film Festival; LA Women’s Int’l Film Festival; Miami Int’l Women’s Film Festival.

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