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Prevent It!

Prevent It!December 6, 2015

Charged with powerful stories of resilience, determination and bravery, Status Quo? provides a compelling account of the history of the women’s movement in Canada, while unveiling the shocking truth about the systemic discrimination and violence against women that continue to plague us today.

the price we pay

Get Out The VoteOctober 14, 2015

This gripping documentary reveals exactly how big corporations and the very wealthy are avoiding taxes, robbing our governments of billions of dollar in taxes, creating a historic levels of inequality and placing the tax burden on the middle class and the poor.

The Art of Progress

The Art of ProgressJune 18, 2015

Young artists are often very powerful catalysts for social change. By presenting a bold and viscerally different perspective on the world we know, their work can provide clarity on the world we want.

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